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Pneuma-Tool Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing its patented line of rock drill lubricants since 2010. During that time we have focused on proving our product line in our own back yard, with well established Canadian producing mines and with our experienced global mining contractors. The experiences gained during that time have enabled us to develop rock drill lubricants that provide exceptional lubrication and oil fog free operation at temperature extremes ranging from +65C. to -51C.

Our challenge from the outset was to get the mining community to try Pneuma-Tool, because many lubricant manufacturers in the past have tried to resolve the inherent problems with pneumatic tool lubrication, and failed. Some were able to reduce oil fog generation, but there were usually other unaddressed problems, such as: worsening of tool wear, product separation, inability to deal with the significant amount of water that is often present in compressed air, rusting, tool freeze up, rancidity, the need to use specialized lubricators, and miner acceptance due to difficulty of use, or unusual odours. 

Since that time, we have developed a considerable following of mining companies, miners, mechanics and health and safety personnel who endorse Pneuma-Tool based on its ability to deliver on its promises.

We are now looking to expand our presence in the mining industry globally, and to that end, we are seeking competent and aggressive mining suppliers who have a client base that is interested in improving the health, safety, environment and productivity of their mining operations.

Our packaging is printed in English, French and Spanish, as are our safety data sheets. We have a considerable amount of information available regarding our products, and compressed air lubrication, in general.

If you think that our product line would be a good fit for the clients you are calling on, send us a resume of your company and clients, and an outline of your sales force and locations to:

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