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The Pneuma-Tool Paradigm Shift
Synthetic rock drill lubricants





A paradigm is a belief or thought that is so strongly held that it can prevent your company from making product decisions that could benefit it! Especially when you've been doing things the same way for a long time.....


It affects those individuals who are responsible for product choices and are restrained by their preconceptions about a product or issue. It’s a matter of perspective. Rock drill oils represent a very small monthly expenditure - a minimal percentage of overall monthly operating costs, for a mine. A switch to Pneuma-Tool "might" increase those monthly purchase costs, but not by much, especially if properly adjusted lubricators are used. In that case, monthly purchases could be comparable to, or even lower than, what you are paying now. Analysis of the return on investment by mines that have used Pneuma-Tool for extended periods of time has shown that it actually saves a mine money to switch to Pneuma-Tool.


It has been proven beyond doubt that airborne contaminants are a leading cause of respiratory health issues in the mining community, (Workplace Safety North Conference - Sudbury, Ontario April 2013), many of which are not reported to Compensation Boards. Yet decisions on which rock drill oil to purchase are typically made strictly on price, instead of by Health and Safety decision makers who understand the implications of poor air quality.


You can't compare Pneuma-Tool to Traditional Rock Drill Oils:

Pneuma-Tool's patented products are relatively new to the mining world (2010), and have different characteristics than other rock drill lubricants available globally


Pneuma-Tool Synthetic rock drill lubricants:

  • Eliminate oil fog - protect miners’ lungs. Pneuma-Tool's internally cohesive  molecules form large droplets in compressed air, as opposed to a fine atomized mist. Small particles represent the greatest hazard to miners, as they can enter the lungs deeply and cannot be displaced. When the correct viscosity is selected, and flow is adequately controlled, Pneuma-Tool forms little to no oil fog.
  • Eliminate freeze-up - Pneuma-Tool's polar ingredients form a tenacious film on steel parts, which won't allow ice to adhere. This results in improved productivity - less lost time to thaw tools and mufflers.
  • Have lower pour points than conventional oils - This allows Pneuma-Tool to be used in the coldest conditions, while eliminating the need to inject hazardous glycols or alcohols into the compressed air to prevent freeze up.
  • Improve visibility - Safety - enable miners to see loose hazards and slip and fall hazards because there is no oil fog to obscure visibility.
  • Reduce slipperiness - Because the lubricant doesn't become airborne, it doesn't coat surfaces with a slick of oil. This improves safety - especially on steel deck platforms, such as drill decks and on mechanical raises.
  • Extend tool life - reduce long term costs - the high temperature tolerance of Pneuma-Tool extends service intervals, and the polar ingredients ensure that all parts of the tool are coated and protected. Tools simply don't wear out as quickly.
  • Does not diesel or coke under hot operating conditions like most oils. Once an oil cokes, it forms hard abrasive carbon particles that actually increase parts wear. Pneuma-Tool can tolerate operating heat to almost 600 F, greatly improving bearing and seal life expectancy, and do not form abrasive particles even at temperatures in excess of 600 F.
  • Cleanliness - miners aren’t coated with oil - they're happier at the end of a shift. As one miner observed - I can't see it, taste it or smell it - I want it!
  • Are used at lower injection rates - miners don’t have to lug as much oil around. Great for raises. Proven to outperform conventional oils at injection rates as low as 1/5 of previous lubricants. Use costs can be lower with Pneuma-Tool than with inferior competitors, based on using Pneuma-Tool at recommended injection rates.

Pneuma-Tool has been proven to extend equipment service intervals by as much as 300%.

That’s money in the bank!

And at the end of the shift you`ve taken care of the health of your miners.

It's a rare opportunity to be health, safety and environmentally  friendly while saving money on operating costs.






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