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Rock Drill Oils

Rock drill lubricants represent a very small portion of the monthly expenses of operating a mine, and yet they have the potential to significantly impact tool costs, productivity related to tool reliability, and productivity related to improvements in miners' working environment (visibility, improved air quality.)


Pneuma-Tool Inc. has developed a patented series of rock-drill lubricants that have been proven to solve most of the problems associated with air-tool lubrication, foremost being elimination of oil fog (oil mist). These lubricants protect the functioning of miners’ lungs, eliminate slip / fall hazards, improve visibility so that miners can work more productively, reduce ventilation requirements at headings (ideal for shaft sinking, raise mining), and improve miners’ cleanliness and hygiene (no smell, no odour, no taste).


Pneuma-Tool is proven to be fog-free at temperatures as high as 65oC. It increases tool service intervals by up to 800% (air motors), reduces tool freeze-up associated with traditional rock-drill oils, does not wash out by water in compressed air, can be used at reduced injection rates, is ideal for all percussive tools, air motors, air cylinders, air tracks, tuggers, jumbos, ITH drills, muckers, bolters, and is inherently biodegradable (25% in 28 days).


Service intervals on large gear have been increased by 300% and more.

          Who would have thought that a little thing like the rock drill oil you use could     

    affect the productivity, profitability, health, safety and environment of your mine!

Rock Drill Oil Fog


Poses a respiratory Health and Safety Issue

Poor visiblity slows production

Airborne oil creates a slip hazard on all surfaces

Hides potential fall and loose hazards

Coats miners' glasses, blurring vision

Creates unpleasant work conditions

Miners are covered with oil by shift's end

Creates expensive ventilation demand













Patent Pending


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