• Improving Mining Productivity

    Hybrid / Synthetic Rock Drill Oils

Safer miners, cleaner environment, drills that require less maintenance, long-term cost savings, and less downtime!

Rock drill lubricants represent a very small portion of the monthly expenses of operating a mine, and yet they have the potential to significantly impact health and safety, tool maintenance costs, productivity related to tool reliability, extended machine life, and productivity related to improvements in miners' working environment (visibility, improved air quality.)


Pneuma-Tool™ is an innovative hybrid/synthetic rock drill lubricant that brings these results together in one product. While the drill-blast-muck-haul cycle still forms the core of hard rock mining, over the decades mining has seen paradigm shifts to production, equipment, the environment, and particularly, health and safety.

Pneuma-Tool™ is one of those paradigm shifts.

Other Rock Drill Oil products produce FOG:


  • Poses a respiratory Health and Safety Issue
  • Poor visiblity slows production
  • Airborne oil creates a slip hazard on all surfaces
  • Hides potential fall and loose hazards
  • Coats miners' glasses, blurring vision
  • Creates unpleasant work conditions
  • Miners are covered with oil by shift's end
  • Creates expensive ventilation demand

Pneuma-Tool™ provides FOG FREE tool operation!


  • Elimination of environmental safety hazard
  • Improved visibility for safer movement and assessment of ground conditions
  • Reduced slip hazards
  • Lowered ventilation requirements
  • Superior lubrication for improved tool life
  • Enhanced cold weather performance