No. Pneuma-Tool™ is a patented hybrid/synthetic rock drill lubricant with a unique molecular structure. In other words, it is not oil at all.

Pneuma-Tool™ was developed to have a high viscosity Index, so it maintains a thicker lubricating film at high temperatures, providing superior tool protection, but stays thinner in cold temperatures, minimizing exhaust freeze up and avoiding delays due to ice-buildup, so you spend more time drilling.

Use Pneuma-Tool™ at the lowest setting on the football lubricator adjustment (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) that provides adequate lubrication to the tool. Excess lubrication can cause sluggish tool performance and overheating.

Not at all. The good news is for miners underground, Pneuma-Tool™ is a straight drop-in replacement for conventional RDO’s. No extra training or supervision necessary.

Far less than you would with conventional RDOs. Pneuma-Tool’s formulation means you’ll use 1/2 to 1/3 of the RDO you use now.

Other than better functioning tools and less downtime – your health. Pneuma-Tool™ eliminates oil fog. You won’t breath it, better visibility to spot hazards, less slippery, no smell, odour, or taste, and it won’t be all over you at the end of your shift.