The right lubricant for every application

Pneuma-Tool™ comes in a number of package sizes to accommodate the volume of your need for rock drill lubrication, storage capacity, and where it’s to be used. Don’t forget – you’ll use 1/2 to a 1/3 of what you’re used to using with standard RDOs.

Available sizes:


5L/1.32 USG Jug, 10L/2.64 USG Jug, 20L/5.28 USG Pail, 205L/54.16 USG Drum or 1,000L/264.17 USG Tote

2 x 5L/1.32 USG or 2 x 10L/2.64 USG
Jugs per Case

20L/5.28 USG Pail