Pneuma-Tool™ Advantage


Fog Reduction – Healthier, safer work environment


The patented internal molecular structure of Pneuma-Tool™ is tightly interwoven like mesh, so it resists breakdown by high velocity air, as opposed to the simple linear stacked molecular structure of regular oils, which breaks down at high velocity. Other products use tackifiers that help while the oil is cool, but lose their efficiency in the hot internal chambers of the tool.


Because it resists mechanical deformation, Pneuma-Tool™ tends to extrude through the tool and does not become airborne, while petroleum-based rock drill oils “shatter”, sending fragments airborne, causing oil fog and its accompanying hazards to safety, and challenges to production.


Improved Tool Life – Less downtime and operating costs


Pneuma-Tool™ improves tool life in four ways:


  1. 3X the oxidative stability of conventional oils. Pneuma-Tool does not form abrasive carbon particles under difficult conditions such as bolting.
  2. Superior anti-wear and extreme pressure additives. Pneuma-Tool outperforms conventional oil in the Four Ball wear test by as much as 50% under severe operating conditions encountered in bolting.
  3. Polar attraction of Pneuma-Tool to metal provides more consistent lubrication. Pneuma-Tool rock drill lubricant adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces and ensures proper lubrication even under interrupted flow conditions and reduced supply.
  4. High viscosity Index. Pneuma-Tool maintains a thicker lubricating film at high temperatures, providing superior tool protection. It also stays thinner in cold temperatures, ensuring optimum oil flow and minimizing exhaust freeze up, avoiding delays due to ice-buildup.


The good news is for miners underground, Pneuma-Tool™ is a straight drop-in replacement for conventional RDO’s. No extra training or supervision necessary. Simply turn the lubricator on the drill to Minimum Quantity Lubrication, and enjoy less downtime.

Pneuma-Tool™ Benefits

Production and Maintenance

  • Pneuma-Tool™ resists breakdown 3X longer than conventional rock-drill oils, so there is no need to replenish it as often.

  • Pneuma-Tool's polar ingredients form a tenacious film on steel parts, which won't allow ice to adhere, eliminating downtime caused by freeze-up of tools and mufflers. Polar film isn’t displaced by high-velocity air, so waste is eliminated.
  • Superior anti-wear and Extreme Pressure Additives provide excellent tool protection at minimal quantities.
  • Increases tool service intervals by up to 800% (air motors).
  • Lower pour points than conventional oils allows Pneuma-Tool to be used in the coldest conditions, and eliminates the need to inject hazardous glycols or alcohols into the compressed air to prevent freeze up.
  • Pneuma-Tool™ has been proven to increase service intervals on large gear by 300% and more.

Pneuma-Tool™ is suitable for use in all types of pneumatic equipment, such as, but not limited to:


  • Jack Legs and Stopers
  • Bolters
  • ITH Drills
  • Alimak Raises
  • Long Hole Drills
  • Vertical shaft Muckers (VSM's)
  • Face jumbos
  • Face bolters
  • Diamond Drills
  • Air Cylinders
  • Tugger Motors
  • Bit Grinders

Pneuma-Tool™ Benefits

Health and Safety

Numerous studies indicate that chronic, long-term exposure to oil mists produces significant health effects, even at very low exposure concentrations. This can range from respiratory issues, to breakdown of the skin, allowing bacteria to create infections.


Pneuma-Tool™ has a WHMIS rating of “0” – safe for workers.


Pneuma-Tool™ Synthetic rock drill lubricants:

Eliminate oil fog

When the correct viscosity is selected, and flow is adequately controlled, Pneuma-Tool forms little to no oil fog. Pneuma-Tool's internally cohesive molecules form large droplets in compressed air, as opposed to a fine atomized mist. Small particles represent the greatest hazard to miners, as they can enter the lungs deeply and cannot be displaced. Chronic dermal (skin) exposure to oils can lead to breakdown of skin and increase susceptibility to infection and discomfort.


Improve visibility

Pneuma-Tool enables miners to see loose hazards, identify unstable ground conditions, and slip and fall hazards, because there is no oil fog to obscure visibility.


Reduce slipperiness

Because the lubricant doesn't become airborne, it doesn't coat surfaces with a slick of oil. This improves safety - especially on steel deck platforms, such as drill decks and on mechanical raises.



Miners aren’t coated with oil, cannot see, taste, or smell the product, and are happier at the end of a shift.


Pneuma-Tool™ is also inherently biodegradable, which may help reduce environmental liability issues.

More reasons why Pneuma-Tool™ is your best choice

Yes. Pneuma-Tool™ is more expensive than standard rock drill oil. However, Pneuma-Tool provides operating advantages that make it much cheaper to use than conventional rock drill oil, even at an initial cost higher than a mineral oil based RDO. (The health and safety benefits are priceless.)


Use costs can be lower with Pneuma-Tool than with inferior competitors, based on using Pneuma-Tool at recommended injection rates by adjusting the standard football lubricator to the LOW setting. This ensures that Pneuma-Tool is providing not only a safer, more productive work environment, but also that the actual rock drill oil costs are well controlled.


A carefully measured maintenance improvement analysis should reveal enough to cover cost differences between Pneuma-Tool and conventional petroleum-based rock drill oils.


Direct costs:


1. Tool service interval - how long does the tool last before it must be serviced.

2. Tool replacement parts costs.

3. Inventory cost for spare parts.

4. Cost for service technician on site to repair and maintain tools.

5. Average severity of tool repair requirements when sent to the shop.

6. Lubricant cost.

7. Lubricant use costs.

8. Quantity of warehouse space required to inventory rock drill oil.


Indirect costs:


1. Long-term negative health consequences due to inhalation of oil mists.

2. Absentee / sick days attributable to respiratory issues.

3. Diminished workpace due to restricted visibility in a fogged out heading.

4. Cost of lost time due to tool failures when crew is idle waiting for replacement.

5. Production impact of a lost round because drilling could not be completed.

6. Production time and tonnage lost when an air motor fails on a raise.

7. Increased ventilation costs when oil fog is an issue.

8. Worker dissatisfaction with oil slicked garments and skin.

9. Non biodegradability issues with petroleum oil-based rock drill oils.



Pneuma-Tool™ has been proven to outperform mineral oil-based rock drill oils when used at between 1/3 and ½ the consumption rate of the mineral oil based products.


The most commonly used rock drill oils cost about $65.00 per pail, but you must use 2 to 3 times as much to safely lubricate the tool as compared to Pneuma-Tool™.


Therefore, multiply the cost of the pail of conventional rock-drill oil by 2 or 3 times to get an equivalent use consumption cost to Pneuma-Tool™.


The equivalent use costs for a 20 litre pail of conventional RDO at 1/3 the consumption = $65 X 3= $195.00. A pail of Pneuma-Tool™ is $198.00. Pneuma-Tool™ has essentially the same cost to use as conventional rock-drill oil.


Cost neutral, until one factors in all the other benefits.


Here’s a real-world example:


In a project conducted by a global mining contractor, two raise operations were conducted simultaneously, one using Pneuma-Tool™ and the other conventional rock-drill oil. Each raise was 470’ in length.


The Pneuma-Tool™ raise was timbered, while the conventional RDO raise was not, meaning the air motor lubricated with Pneuma-Tool cycled many more times due to the necessity of picking up timbers to crib the shaft.


During the six-month project, the Pneuma-Tool™ air motor never failed once in service – the conventional RDO lubricated air motor was replaced EIGHT TIMES at a cost of $5000 per replacement, for a total cost of $40,000.00


No rounds were lost on the Pneuma-Tool™ raise (each lost round cost the mining contractor $15,000.00)


Several rounds were lost on the conventional RDO raise due to equipment malfunction.


The operators on the Pneuma-Tool™ raise gave high praise to Pneuma-Tool, commenting that there was no fog, and the lubricant consumption was lower using Pneuma-Tool™.


The proof of value is in the outcomes.

Pneuma-Tool rates highly on any scale, earning top marks from customers on:


  • HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) - Reduced oil fog generation, elimination of hazardous by-products, and biodegradability
  • Tool life - Based on accumulated field data and four ball wear comparisons
  • Heat resistant - Based on manufacturers specifications and field / lab data
  • Freeze-up resistant - Based on feedback from end users
  • Longer service intervals - Based on field data
  • Ease of use - Based on end user comments and lab observations
  • Consumption rates - Based on field data and the potential to reduce Pneuma-Tool flow rates by as much as 80% compared to traditional oil.


At JS Redpath, Pneuma-Tool™ has demonstrated an improvement in air motor life on Alimak raises by up to 800%.


In prolonged testing at Goldcorp, Red Lake, Pneuma-Tool improved jackleg and stoper service life and reduced drill piston wear. Wear tests have shown a reduction in tool wear by as much as 100%, resulting in longer service intervals and fewer lost rounds due to drill failure.


Four Northern Quebec mining operations have endorsed Pneuma-Tool™ for cold weather operations because it virtually eliminates tool freeze-up typically associated with cold weather drilling with compressed air. Uninterrupted drilling = more muck on the ground.


Customers report fewer rounds lost to equipment failures, reduced parts replacement costs, longer service intervals between repairs, and less time lost to frozen mufflers.


One drill doctor in Northern Ontario says that when his mine started using Pneuma-Tool, he had a backlog of 30 drills to repair. After 9 months of using Pneuma-Tool™ mine-wide, he is only getting 3 tools per week to rebuild.



Try Pneuma-Tool™ in your mine, and do the following performance checks:


1. Ask your drill doctor if he notices an improvement in tool condition and tool life.

2. Ask your miners if they are having less problems with lost time due to tool ice-up.

3. Verify with your stores department a reduction in rock drill oil consumption.

4. Ask the shift foremen if they are having less lost rounds due to equipment problems.

5. Ask your safety people if they notice improved air quality at the face and on raises.

6. Ask your men if they like working with Pneuma-Tool™.


The answer will be YES.

Trying is Believing


Our challenge from the outset was to get the mining community to try Pneuma-Tool™, because many lubricant manufacturers in the past have tried to resolve the inherent problems with pneumatic tool lubrication and failed.


We have learned that TRYING Pneuma-Tool™ is BELIEVING in the product, having developed a considerable following of mining companies, miners, mechanics and health and safety personnel who endorse Pneuma-Tool™ based on its ability to deliver on its promises.