Packaging and availablity

Pneuma-Tool is available in: 


5 litre jugs

10 litre jugs ( approximately 2.64 U.S. Gal)


Since Pneuma-Tool can and should be used at much lower injection rates than traditional rock drill lubricants, larger containers are usually not required. Miners in mechanical and cut and fill raise mining applications prefer the 5 litre container, as it is easy to carry and doesn't take much space.


How much less can you use?


For example - a jackleg did 300 feet of drilling in very hard Northern Ontario, Canada rock, and used 0.325 litres of Pneuma-Tool. The miner estimated that was 1/4 of what he normally would have used with conventional rock drill lubricant.




Contact us if you require alternate packaging sizes, or specialized containers.


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Improved Tool Life
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