Reduced Fog and slip hazards

Pneuma-Tool Provides:


Fog free tool operation
Reduced slip hazards
Superior lubrication – improved tool life
Competitive use / cost
Excellent Health & Safety profile
Inherent biodegradability
Superior Cold weather performance
Miners are cleaner at shift's end (and happier!)
Reduced ventilation requirements
Improved visibility which allows safer movement and enables miners to assess ground conditions.



Use cost economy is achievable with Pneuma-ToolTM simply by  adjusting the standard football lubricator to the LOW setting. This ensures that Pneuma-Tool is providing not only a safer, more productive work environment, but also that the actual rock drill oil costs are well controlled.


Needle and seat lubricators, such as the Atlas Copco CLG 30, enable miners to fine tune rock drill lubricant consumption, minimizing fog and reducing lubricant costs.














Oval shaped (football) lubricators have minimal flow adjustment. There are rubber O-rings installed top and bottom where the regulator pin intersects the compressed air tube. When these O-rings deteriorate, they allow lubricant to by-pass the regulator pin, and substantially increase the flow of lubricant into the compressed air stream. That is why many miners observe that they can't make any significant adjustments with their lubricator. The football style lubricators should be serviced on a regular basis, or exchanged for more reliable needle and seat lubricators.


PT 220 grade exhibits increased viscosity at operating temperatures within the lubricator, which in turn causes a more restricted flow through the lubricator orifice.

The result of this is less lubricant consumption, and subsequent rock drill oil savings. Pneuma-Tool’s superior anti-oxidant, anti-wear and Extreme Pressure additives ensure that the tool is well protected at low injection rates. PT 160 is also available for needle and seat lubricators, and cooler ambient mine temperatures.


No Special Equipment or Training Required


Pneuma-Tool is a straight drop in replacement for all petroleum based rock drill oils. Just pour it into the lubricator and enjoy all the benefits of a fog free rock drill oil. A wide variety of viscosities are available to handle all conditions, from the Arctic to the Equator!


In addition, we provide plasticized training posters for display in line-up rooms, which instruct miners on the proper use of Pneuma-Tool, adjustment of lubricators, and maintenance procedures for their compressed air tools to ensure trouble free operation.


We have a large library of information on rock drill lubricants, health and safety, compressed air quality, and oil mist. Send us your contact information, and we will be glad to send you pertinent information.










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Improved Workplace Safety
Improved Tool Life
Old Technology Reviewed
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