Pneuma-Tool announces a Fresh New Look and Improved Fulfilment Capacity

Pneuma-Tool is entering our second decade with the same great product, fresh new look and improved fulfilment capacity.


Working with JDA Packaging, we’ve installed a new, improved filling station in our warehouse to bolster productivity and enhance quality assurance. Further, we are primed for growth and increased capacity with more specialized pumping equipment soon to arrive.  


“With the ever-present focus on increasing safety, and a growing emphasis on the license to operate in communities and environmental impact, there has never been a better time to mines to switch to a product like Pneuma-Tool.” Pneuma-Tool President, Bill Culhane.


Our new branding and website developed by the team at PG Creative reflects the many virtues and advantages of using Pneuma-Tool in your mining operation.


As you’ll see, we have endorsements from a number of clients who’ve enjoyed success with the product, which beyond the safety and environmental issues, is effective at extending tool life and avoiding costly delays. As always, the most expensive round is the one you didn’t get!


Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. The virtual PDAC is also a breath of fresh air, and the interest in Pneuma-Tool has been high. With the new equipment for the warehouse increasing our speed and accuracy in getting the product packaged and out the door to our customers, we’ve really scaled up so we can take on all interested parties. This couldn’t have come at a better time, and we’re very excited at the revitalized prospects for the product and the business.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bill directly at (705) 478 0902, or